About Us

The church of Saint Mary Magdalene has long been a centre of worship and was for many centuries the principal church in the area. Our building is situated in the village of Lyminster but the parish includes the historic hamlets of Warningcamp, Crossbush and Toddington, the latter having seen significant development in the last few years - with much more to come!

You will find us warm and welcoming, wanting you to feel at home. Our style is probably best described as 'central' with faithful teaching of the scriptures and a mix of different services.

We have a beautiful church building, which is well worth a visit as it is usually open on weekdays. You're welcome to sit in the quiet and serene atmosphere, to pray and to enjoy the peace of the space.

In 2017, we will be undertaking significant repair works to our roof and during the year there will be some disruption to the use of the church building.