Church Bells & Ringers

There are 6 bells at Lyminster which are rung from the first floor chamber reached by a short staircase. The bells are of medium weight with the tenor at just under 10cwt and are a friendly ring with well spaced ropes of medium length.

Originally cast by Lester and Pack of Whitechapel in 1759, they were re-hung in 1937 in a steel frame and ringing was moved up to the first floor in 1992.

We share our practice nights with Arundel St Nicholas’ Church and alternate our ringing between the two towers on Monday nights at 7.00pm for beginners and 7.30pm for regular ringers.

Do come and visit either tower to just watch or join in but please phone first as occasionally a practice has to be cancelled.

Lyminster’s tower captain is David Hall on 01903 884724 (